Facilitation Incidents Reporting

Liberian Registry-Secure Reporting - Facilitation Incidents

The portal below is part of LISCR’s new anti-corruption/facilitation reporting initiative.

The objective of the report is to enable crews and/or managers of Liberian flagged vessels to securely report incidents of corruption/facilitations that may impact their ship(s) in a timely manner.

This report will allow you to enter one (1) type of incident at a time. If multiple identical incidents occurred, i.e. the same type of incident occurred in the same port with the same demand from the same source; you may complete one incident form and simply specify the number of occurrences within the report. Please submit separate report forms for different types of incidents where any details differ (different ports; different demands at the same port; different authority making the demand etc.).

For submitting additional, or more detailed information, please also contact LISCR’s investigations department at investigations@liscr.com

Thank you.


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