SEA System - Seafarer’s Electronic Application System

SEA System is a secure web-based application, designed specifically for submitting complete, well documented, STCW compliant seafarer applications. Documents include Officer Certificates, Seafarer Identification and Record Books (SIRB), Special Qualification Certificates, and Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA).

 SEA System is a convenient and easy-to-use computer program by which authorized filing agents can submit applications for seafarer documents over a secured online host. This innovative program provides:

  • Significant cost-savings for authorized filing agents in shipping costs;
  • Instantaneous submission of seafarer credentials filed electronically by avoiding bulky paper applications;
  • Higher accuracy of issued documents;
  • Ability to access seafarer application history; and
  • A more efficient way to manage applications submitted for processing.

SEA System has saved our clients millions of dollars in courier expenses.


Feature Benefit
Accessibility Provides connectivity through any ISP anywhere in the world - simple to navigate;
Security Promotes e-Business securely and cost-effectively managing the expanding number of users, in a wide variety of roles, requesting access to information.
Flexibility 24/7 access; allows for multiple business model levels of use and authorization.
Scalability and Responsiveness Designed to be modified and remain current with IMO and port state requirements; automatically generates a requirements list of documents based on the submitted applications.
Affordability SEA System users need little training; no major hardware investment; SEA System is presently available for use, at no cost, by all authorized Liberian filing agents.
Minimizes capital outlay with prompt turnaround time as each step is monitored and measured; reduction in courier, mailing, and handling fees as the applications are delivered electronically to the Registry.


For additional information, please contact:

SEA System Support Desk

Seafarer FAQs      

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