WayPoint FAQs

Q:    I cannot see all vessels in my fleet list.
A:    Contact waypointsupport@liscr.com and inform them of the following:
  • Name of vessel
  • Liberian or non-Liberian (if non-Liberian, please list flag)

Q:    I do not have a personal email address with my company. Can I still register?
A:    The easiest fix is to register with a personal email using a gmail or Hotmail account. If that is not an option, email waypointsupport@liscr.com and ask for an exemption. These requests are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Q:    My account is locked.
A:    Email waypointsupport@liscr.com so that they can unlock the account and email a new temporary password to you.

Q:    I cannot get past ‘pending submission’ status on a work order
A:    Follow the below steps:
  • All required fields need to be completed. Check the status on the work order ‘Final Review’ tab.
  • The work order then needs to be added to the cart.
  • The cart then needs to be processed.

Q:    Can I change my password or security questions?
A:     Go to ‘My Profile’. The only information that cannot be changed is your username.

Q:     How do I add a non-Liberian vessel to my fleet list?
  • If this is the first time that we will issue certificates for the non-Liberian vessel, you will be prompted to enter the vessel information once you select the work order titled ‘Civil Liability Convention Certificates for Non-Liberian Vessel’.If the non-Liberian vessel does not have an IMO number, please enter seven zeros (0000000).
  • If this is not the first time that we will issue certificates for the non-Liberian vessel and you do not see it in your fleet list, email waypointsupport@liscr.com informing them of the name of the vessel(s) and the flag(s) so that we can properly link them to your fleet list.

Q:     What Work Orders can currently be done in WayPoint?
A:     CLC, BCLC, WRC, and Ballast Water Certificates work orders can be done in WayPoint.

Q:     What do the ‘save’ and ‘continue’ buttons do?
A:     The ‘save’ button saves the information entered on that page in the work order. The ‘continue’ button saves the entered information and moves the user to the next tab of the work order. Alternatively, clicking on any tab in the work order also saves and continues to the next section.

Q:     How can I suggest enhancements to WayPoint?
A:     We value your feedback and want to know how we can make WayPoint better for you, the client. Please send an email to waypointsupport@liscr.com with any suggestions you might have.
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